US and International

A Summary of TRB Workshop 2019
Final Summary

Workshop regarding the accurancy of travel demand models.

21st Annual Highway Performance Study, 1984-2012
Full Study  and State-by-State Results

The US and 50 States are rated on 11 measures of resources and road performance.

Practical Congestion Relief for Mid-Sized Regions, July 2014
Full Report  and Appendices: Statistics for 26 Regions

A review of the congestion-reducing effect of transportation plans for 26 regions 200K-1M population.

Accuracy of Traffic Forecasts
Full Report

Results of an Internet survey and summary of a workshop.

Employer Views on Traffic Congestion, February 2014
Full Report

A nationwide survey of 1000 employees regarding how traffic congestion affects shipping and receiving, employees, and customers.

Hubris or Humility:  Accuracy Issues for the Next 50 Years of
Travel Demand Modeling
Full Report

This study reviews the 50-year history of travel demand forecasting models,concentrating on their accuracy and relevance for public decision-making.  Published in Transportation 40.6, November 2013

20th Annual Highway Report
Full Report

The US and the 50 states are rated on 11 categories of road expenditures and performance

Are Highways Crumbling?
Full Report, State-by-State Results and Presentation

20-year trends show improvement on all 7 indicators of road performance, but states vary widely

Impact of Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Policies on US Cities
Report, Study and Details for 48 Cities

Wisconsin Highway Needs, 2011-2020
Report and Presentation

Wisconsin's 10 year prudent state highway needs exceed its likely revenues by about $993M annually.

19th Annual Highway Report
System Performance, 1984-2008

"The Hartgen Group's 19th Annual Highway Report, prepared for the Reason Foundation."

Idaho Transportation Funding Issues
Task Force Presentation

"Presentation to the Governor's Task Force on Modernizing Transportation Funding, July 27, 2010."

18th Annual Highway Report
System Performance

"The performance of State Highway Systems, 1984-2007."

Household Travel Survey Costs and Trends, 1988 - 2009
Final Survey Report

"A summary of costs and trip rates for 136 household travel surveys since 1988."

Gridlock and Growth:
The Effect of Traffic Congestion on Regional Economic Performance
Final Report , Summary and Slide Show

"A review of how traffic congestion affects regional productivity in 8 large
US regions
"  Sponsored by The Reason Foundation, June 2009.

National Study of Traffic Congestion
Final Report  and Data By City and State

"Review of congestion trends and costs of removal for 403 US regions, 2006"
Sponsored by The Reason Foundation, 2006-2007.

Urban Land Institute
Mega-Region Growth and Transportation Investment - Final Report and ULI Brief

"A recent ULI Survey of the 23 largest and fastest growing metropolitan regions found that population growth is expected to increase 39 percent and traffic growth 51 percent over the next 25-30 years. Coping with growing transportation demands represents a significant challenge for urban regions struggling with development and traffic congestion, while providing enhanced transit services. Most of these changes will occur gradually over the long term and be a continuation of current trends."

North Carolina

Ped-Bike Accidents
Crash Rate Report

North Carolina's pedestrian and bicycle crash rates vary widely by county.

Economic Impacts of I-77 HOT Lanes, Charlotte, NC
Final Report

I-77 HOT Lanes could cost the corridor lmost $34B over 50 years in
increased general-purpose lane congestion.

North Carolina Transportation Priorities, 2013
Final Report and Summary

20 key recommendations for immediate action by the NCDOT and Legislature

Review of Raleigh, NC Transit Plan
Executive Summary, Final Report and Spreadsheet

Review of Raleigh NC Transit Plan.  An assessment of Wake County (Raleigh, NC) plans for expanded bus, commuter rail and light rail transit service

Distributing  Transportation Funds
Road Funding Spotlight, April 2010

Testimony before the Legislative Oversight Committee, North Carolina General Assembly, April 6, 2010 regarding the distribution of transportation funds within North Carolina.

Charlotte's LYNX Line
A Preliminary Assessment, October 2008

A preliminary assessment of LYNX construction costs, ridership, economic impact and cost analysis
Sponsored by the John Locke Foundation.  Policy report, October 2008.

Transportation Issues
The Status of NC's Transportation, February 2009

Remarks at the Shaftsbury Lecture, John Locke Foundation, Raleigh, NC February, 2009

Mecklenburg County
"Business Impacts of Charlotte Traffic Congestion"

A review of how Mecklenburg County businesses deal with congestion problems affecting workers, shipments and business activities. Recommendations for effective for congestion relief.

South Carolina

South Carolina Economic Impacts of Highways - Report and Impact Forecasting Model

This report documents a study to determine the impacts of major road projects on the economy of South Carolina counties, and to develop a method of estimating the likely economic impact of future road projects. The study gathers extensive data on economic trends for each of South Carolina’s 46 counties for the period 1975-2000.


VA State Transportation Board
Virginia's Highway Performance - Report

State rankings regarding Virginia's highway performance as reported to the
VA State Transportation Board Sept. 17, 2008.